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HOHR is a Brazilian organization, with national and international operations, which has two main objectives: (i.) rethink the grammar of Human Rights and; (ii.) develop concrete actions related to the social and environmental responsibility of the individual and the community, which promote fundamental changes, through tangible results.



Hands On means a specific way of approaching and getting involved with a given humanitarian crisis. 

For HOHR it means first, to achieve direct contact with the context and study it from first hand information. Second, it means to co-design with the community a strategic plan of action in the social and/or legal realm. Third, it means to achieve transparent and communicable results. 


These results might sometimes appear as small steps forward in the overall conflict. However, HOHR believes that it is through small concrete actions that humanitarian crisis might be relieved. Most of all, it is through Hands-On actions how members of a given community both learn and teach each other about citizenship, dignity and defense and/or resistance processes.


Human Rights is a complex concept. It has a wide variety of readings and applications in the current conflicts. For this reason, HOHR aims at rethinking and discussing several aspects of this term and sharing them with its community.   

First, HOHR aims at analyzing the origin of Human Rights: the Western historical context that gave birth to this now global endeavor. Second, HOHR aims at understanding and analyzing the current discourses of Human Rights. This is: how is this popular term used in favor or against certain communities, territories, traditions or religious beliefs. Third, HOHR seeks to collect and disseminate diverse theoretical postures that dissect the idea of Human Rights. For example, sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos crucial question regarding this term:


Are Human Rights a historical victory or a historical defeat?*


Reviewing other postures in regards to Human Rights also urges HOHR to re-signify related concepts and identify other grammars for: dignity, knowledge, diversity and coexistence.

*Santos, Boaventura S. Se Deus Fosse Um Activista Dos Direitos Humanos., 2013. Print. 5W

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