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The idea is to utilize grassroots energy and direct it to produce food locally and preemptively deal with the possible famine. Providing tools and seed packages and training might allow people to find food in two months.


Any planting effort will take 2-3 months to start production. This is why it’s important to start now.


We can provide:  

  • seeds and slips for planting a basic diet with enough calories;

  • peer-to-peer training;

  • tools.


Example: 10,000 seed packages could include:  


  • high calorie crops: corn, sunflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes;

  • carbon crops: wheat, fava beans, barley;

  • veggie crops: arugula, spinache, etc. 


This doesn’t have to be a government oriented program. It can be done through grassroot organizing and training by creating workshops or material for workshops and training the trainers. People can plant plots as small as 10 square meters to feed themselves working for 30 mins a day. They don’t need a full time job to do it.


This gives people the ability to act instead of just waiting for the government.  Access to land might be a challenge, but working with local groups to make it possible and give farming a priority might be a good solution.

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