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The purpose of the project is to safeguard the human dignity of people who suffer from forced displacement, through education and responsible communication.


We believe that the promotion of reading can bring comfort to refugee and migrant children and young people, allowing them to continue to evolve, learn, build knowledge, generate ideas and project their future. In addition, we believe that reading results in the reduction of suffering from refugees and migration’s flow, the promotion of welcoming, support for the introduction of a new language and the mobilization of Brazilians to welcome them better each day.

Joca is the first newspaper for young people and children in Brazil ( Today present in the classroom of a number of private schools and public networks in Brazil. The platform offers journalistic content (does not carry advertising) with contextualization of the facts, language appropriate to the target audience and the intention to insert children and young people in society as follows: (i) who become aware of the facts, (ii) who understand the world in which they live and who can act critically and consciously on it, exercising their citizenship. By bringing up the issue of refugee and migration with greater expression, the newspaper aims to stimulate the readers’ view and empathic action, so that they begin a training journey imbued with critical thinking, with respect for human rights, which is fundamental for welcoming refugees and migrants arriving in Brazil.


  • Set up boxes and bookshelves in existing living spaces;

  • Collect books in Portuguese and Spanish with the network of readers of Joca throughout Brazil;

  • Encourage those who will donate / collect books for the project to write a dedication, for refugee and migrant children, on the first page of each copy;

  • Develop and execute a crowdfunding campaign by Joca readers in private schools to cover the project’s expenses, such as: purchase of materials needed to send books to Roraima and materials for the bookshelves;

  • Purchase of tickets, accommodation and food expenses for the people involved in the execution of the project;

  • Promote the sending of letters from children and young people who subscribe to Joca to refugee and migrant children and young people in Roraima;

  • Send postage stamps, so that children and young people in Roraima can post their letters in response to the letters they receive;

  • Promote video conferences between children and young people in Roraima with children and young readers of Joca (in schools) throughout Brazil;

  • Train mothers and / or young people (of high school) refugees and migrants to take care of books, take responsibility for the management of material loans and who can promote storytelling and reading circles in the spaces;

  • Provide 10 (ten) Joca newspapers (tabloid), fortnightly, for shelter.

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